Where can I get data on avg step1 scores for medical residency programs?
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I'm trying to find a list of US medical residency programs and the average step 1 scores of the applicants that are accepted into each program. Google has not been helpful. I've found match rates, quotas, test scores by specialty, and all sorts of other data. But nothing about test scores by residency program. Does anyone know if this data exists and where I can find it? Thanks in advance.
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As far as I know, step1 score by program is not public information. You can get a list of programs from AMA Frieda or from the ACGME.
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Best answer: I've never seen that information except as presented to faculty within the department of the program I've been working for at the time. I would recommend either asking the program(s) you're interested in directly, or try asking in the forums at studentdoctor.net - if the information's available, someone there will know about it.
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Best answer: This information is only based on contributions of members -- so take it with a grain of salt (bias of the few people who bother to contirbute like the typical Student Doctor Forum gunners mixed with average and below-average people). It also spans many years and the older data are not worth much. AND it only covers a few specialties, but maybe one of them is yours.

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