Title and author of a sci fi short story about dream crafting needed
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I'm wracking my brains trying to remember the title and author of a science fiction short story to do with dream crafting. I suspect it is either Philip K Dick or Robert Heinlein but cannot pin it down.

The premise of the story is that new "dream theaters" are rendering the artisan craft of individually tailored dreams obsolete. I think it starts off with one character sampling a dream experience through a personal device like something from the movie Strange Days. When he comes out of the dream he discusses with either the retailer or the dream creator how people are flocking instead to dream theaters to experience dreams together, bemoaning that the mass shared experience overrules the individualised dream experience. What happens beyond that I cannot recall.

My Google Fu fails me on this one.
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Best answer: Dreaming is a Private Thing by Isaac Asimov sounds like the one you are after.
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Response by poster: You sir, have just saved me further hours of anguish and frustration. Thank you.
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