Buying a good extra-long yoga mat
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So I'm just starting Yoga and I have a problem: I'm too tall for standard mats. I'm 6'4" (76 inches, 193 cm). How do I find a long mat that I know is good quality? And how long is long enough, anyway?

I bought a standard Gaiam mat at target before my first class, and I think it's great in terms of comfort and non-slip, but it's just too short (68") for me to do lunges or downward dogs and stay on the mat.

How do I find a good extra-long mat while staying with good quality? Googling leads me to a lot of "yoga wearhouse" type places, where quality seems to be dubious. For that matter, how long is long enough? Do I need to be able to lie down on it? This one seems great, and is six inches longer than the gaiam, but still two inches shorter than my lying down.

I'm a complete yoga newbie. Help please?
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These two are both 84" long.
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Speaking as someone who has absolutely no horse racing in this, people often talk about how Manduka makes the best quality mat and they have an 85-inch version.
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I am also too tall for standard yoga mats. I found that my local studio actually had a roll of yoga mat stuff that they could just cut to order. So ask around!
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I have this mat, and I absolutely love it. It is long and wide and cushy and perfect.
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Also, you will need to lie down for some yoga poses, and every yoga class I've ever taken ended with savasana, which is basically just lying down.
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I'm a few inches shorter than you but have long legs and I find essexjan's "these" link plenty roomy. Being able to lie down fully with some room to spare is nice in that then the length of the mat is never a distraction.
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Hugger Mugger will cut mats to fit 68, 74, and 80 inches. I'm only 5'8" but I have freakishly long monkey limbs. I have an 80 inch mat and love it. If you're taking the mat to a studio where students line up in rows, then you're best off taking a spot in a corner.

I have the slightly cushy Ultra which I love. They also have a standard thickness mat.
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The Prana Evolution mat (Amazon link) is wider (30") and longer (78").

Jade Harmony mats are my favourite. They've got the Harmony XW in 74" or 80", or the standard 24" width version in 74"
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Re lying down, it's fine if your feet hang off.
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