No Spotify, I don't like that song.
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Where is the 'thumbs down' button in spotify?

This should be so simple. We have started using Spotify at my gym. We love the mix of music and specifically use the genere stations for Pop a lot. But, some of the songs have some lyrics that are pretty inappropriate (or we just cant stand them, Im looking at you "Turn Down for What." When we used Pandora it was super easy to fix this- thumbs down that track and move on. How does one do that in Spotify?

(yes, I cant believe I'm using a question up for this. But its making me crazy and I swear I've gone though all their help information and the Googles.)
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On the desktop app it's to the right of the track name, below the album image.
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Ok, so I tried clicking the + sign thats next to the track name, and it does go to X and then a check mark...but that doesn't make it skip the song. Is that a premium feature?
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This is what it should look like if you're using the current version: screenshot
The thumbs down icon to the right of "Deathcrush" is what you're looking for.
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Clicking the plus sign adds it to your playlist. Click on the little picture of the album and it will take you to the "Station" you're listening to, with the thumbs up/down seen above.
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Is there a difference between a "station" and a "playlist"? For example i'm in the Workday pop playlist, and if I try to pop open the album cover picture from the left hand corner and it just toggles it smaller.

(I swear, I am usually smarter than this).
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Yes a genre station is like Pandora, its dynamically filled based on seeds. There's then two types of playlists. One is a list you maintain. You can obviously just remove songs from your playlists as you'd like. The other are "Spotify" playlists which are Spotify edited. I'm actually not sure how to remove songs from these playlists the "Delete" button is grayed out.
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You cannot edit someone else's playlist. But you can make a copy and edit that -- click on a song in the list to select it, then Edit/Select All (or press ctrl-A), then right click, then Add to/New Playlist, and you have your own copy that you can do whatever you want with.

(or ctrl-A followed by ctrl-click on the things you know you don't want before right clicking)
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Radio allows you to thumbs down/up.

Playlists do not.
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