Bar Exam is quickly approaching, so I'm going to focus on what to wear.
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I need a "lucky bar exam" t-shirt. Not one that says, "this is my lucky bar shirt", though.

Should be:
a) purchasable on the internet so that it gets to my metropolitan US location before August 28.
b) humorous or ego-pumping, but definitely not offensive (for boring levels of offense)
c) can be law related, but not required
d) except re the law, not so obscure or related to some deep fandom that randos (and me!) would have to know to get.
e) I don't really care how much it costs, but no prada, etc, t shirts.
d) if its super soft that's awesome
You know, you're basic, "I'm taking this scary scary important test so I'm gonna wear my kick-ass t shirt" t shirt.
[yes, I'm sure the bar I'm taking doesn't make me wear a suit]
OK, back to studying.
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Make your own? I used CustomInk for a one-off shirt. Very happy with the results. Pretty easy site to make the design yourself. Good luck on the exam!
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Capcom has an Ace Attorney Zazzle store.

Or maybe a My Cousin Vinny shirt? I know "I can't help but do better than Vinny" was a useful study mantra for me.
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Saw this today. I like this. And, maybe get a polo shirt monogrammed with the name of your favorite tv* lawyer or firm, or Dewey, Cheatham & Howe. LLBean does polo shirts & monograms.

* Stern, Lockhart & Gardner
McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney and Kuzak
Robert Donnell and Associates
Crane, Poole & Schmidt

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Ok, I'll be the downer. When I took the bar, our shirts weren't allowed to have writing. So check that on the big list.
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If you can have writing, you can get a shirt that says "tortfeasor," which is pretty great.
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What size do you take? I have a couple American Apparel women's "baby Ts" in I believe size small, with law Latin terms and definitions on the back (sui generis and res judicata); if you're allowed something with that much type, and they fit, I'd be happy to mail them out!
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You don't need words, just a big picture of a shark.
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Be the sandwhich
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Here is a good shark t-shirt.
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Trust me, I'm a Juris Doctor.

Good luck! I don't doubt your commitment.
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Best answer: August 28? Are you taking it a month after everyone else?

I don't know if superhero stuff is too far into fandom for you, but -

Amazon has a bunch of t-shirts featuring my favorite fictional attorney, She-Hulk, and there are also shirts for Daredevil, and even one with Two-Face.

If you want to aim higher, they also have Judge Dredd.
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Email the Lucky Bar and ask if they sell t-shirts?
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Beast mode.
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I'd try to track down a Harvey Birdman shirt.
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I just want to clarify, isn't the exam July 30ish?
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Response by poster: Yes, yes, yes-end of July. It was a funny slip because I do not wish to do this bar prep for another month.
Thanks for advice!
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so, what'd you wear?
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Response by poster: Waiting for train to exam. Purchased/packed sweet retro-y she-hulk t shirt. She's wearing a leotard, but is surprisingly, well...realistic is the wrong word bc she-hulk. But she's got giant quads. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Follow up! I had awesome superpowers in my she-hulk shirt on day one when I needed it. Hopefully. Who cares, it's over. (And I didn't have any of those softexam upload issues. Phew) Would wear again. Well, will wear again since I own it. Now I'm going to get drunk and fall asleep.
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