Another mystery shrub! Please can you help ID it?
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this shrub is growing in our Atlanta yard.

It is currently about 4 feet high but looks like it could get bigger. I think it is evergreen. The tips of the new leaves are kind reddish especially at the tip. Picture includes leaf and a twig. I would like to know how and when to prune it as it was left to its own devices for a while and is asymmetrical and in need of shaping.

I tried online identifiers but with no obvious answer. Plant experts, can you help? Thanks!
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Does it ever have red berries? It could be Ilex vomitoria aka yaupon holly.
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Response by poster: Thanks pulayup - I forgot to mention - no berries, fruit, flowers, or thorns.
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Best answer: No thorns and no berries can still be yaupon holly. Only female plants have berries--their presence would confirm the ID but no berries could just mean it's a male plant. As far as I know yaupon holly is thornless, or at least domestic cultivars are.
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More on identifying yaupon holly.
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Those look identical to the leaves on my Camellia bush here in Forsyth County. I think it blooms only on the old wood, so when I cut it back constantly it won't bloom on the new growth at all. And it blooms in the cold weather in Georgia so when you might not be out in the yard to notice.
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Response by poster: It is indeed a yaupon holly! Thanks, all and especially pullyaup!
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