Time Lapse Image Comparison
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Recommendations on some simple software to analyze the difference in time lapse images.

I often use the time lapse feature on GoPro cameras to record different experiments or data collection, and often for long periods of time. I need some software to easily pick out the images with changes in them if possible.

I would imagine something like this has to exists. Perhaps it uses the few previous and few trailing images to analyze if there were changes. Any recommendations?
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It totally depends on what you mean by, "changes." There is certainly motion detection software you can run the files through after the fact, if that's what you're looking for.
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There are probably some off the shelf type programs out there. It's something I've done myself many times using libraries like OpenCV. There are well established basic algorithms for detecting changes in scenes, while ignoring "normal" variation in the background (example, highlighting a person walking across the scene, ignoring gently waving branches from trees)

Like, here's a few simple examples of mine:
A system that "targets" moving objects

A system that detects new holes in paper targets

I did both of these with opencv, it works "ok", it's not "easy" but it is "doable"
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I just want to be able to sift through 10,000+ photos and find the 8, 50, 100 photos that are different. I assume some kind of webcam security software would be great for that. But I don't know what that software is, and my googling is apparently not using the right words.
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OH, you're taking snapshots, not video. What operating system?

For the record, you basically want to remove duplicate images, and there are a lot of utilities for that, some of which will tolerate differences up to a threshold, or different size images, etc.
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Tracker is an open-source program used by physics teachers to do motion analysis of video with students. I haven't used it so I'm not sure if it is appropriate to your task.
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