Indoor couch to outdoor dog couch
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I own this small black couch from IKEA. Primary user is my Alaskan Malamute (obligatory pic), who staked his claim on it many moons ago - it's a dog couch now. I'd like to make this couch available to him when he's in the backyard while I'm at work. How do I do this?

I live in the East Bay in California (Emeryville), so the climate is mild, and the likelihood of rain for nine months of the year is low. The couch would be on a wooden deck during the day (and night?), and has plastic feet. The couch never needs to be an indoor couch again, and it's already lasted about 10 years, which is far longer than my expectations of any IKEA couch - so if it only survives a couple more years, that's perfectly fine.

Should I cover the couch at night with a tarp? Plan to haul it inside every evening & out every morning (not preferred). Some sort of outdoor fabric cover to protect during the day & night? Bonus points if there's a solution that would allow it to be nice enough for people to sit on as well in the evening.
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Best answer: I'd coat it with something like this waterproofing spray (you'll likely need several cans and coats) and then cover it with a proper cover when bad weather is predicted.
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If you coat it with a waterproofing spray you'll change the way the couch smells and potentially the feel of the fabric. That might make it unappealing/unfamiliar to the dog.

I would suggest going in a different direction with a big canopy (maybe something like this?) to protect from rain and, as a bonus, provide some shade for your pooch. For crazy once-a-year style rainstorms, you could cover it with a tarp or move it inside.
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Best answer: Why not test the waterproof spray on one side of the cushions. If dog is ok with it, then do the whole couch. If not, flip the cushion and return to dog viable couch.
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Best answer: We have that same exact couch and it has been outside on our Portland, OR deck for 3 years now (untreated) and is still fine. The cat sleeps on it many nights.
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