Scenic public workspaces in DC
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I'm coming to DC for a couple of weeks to start a job search, possibly to move there. A large part of my time will be spent working on job applications. I don't want to spend all of this time at home since it helps to get out and about. I prefer to work in scenic spaces. Any suggestions of where I might go? Thinking along the lines of old libraries or other public areas.

It just seems like there are so many libraries, museums and old government buildings in the city, like there should be at least a couple that are accessible and have a nice atmosphere. (Wifi connection and air conditioning don't hurt either)

Leaving this rather open in terms of what I am looking for to see what suggestions arise.
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Well, the actual public libraries are nice! Here's one:

I also recently discovered the beautiful National Botanic Garden -

So beautiful, and free, just like everything else in the Smithsonian.
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The Courtyard Atrium at the National Portrait Gallery is lovely and has free wifi. They have a little cafe open during lunch hours, but the space is open whenever the museum is. Here's an image to give a sense of it.

The National Gallery also has some good cafes for working, especially since they offer free wifi. The Cascade Cafe in particular is really a cafeteria, and has tons of seating.
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I agree on the Portrait Gallery (across the street from gallery place metro station). I've spent many hours studying there.
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NGA sculpture garden (but not on Friday evenings)

Meridian Hill Park
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Library of Congress is very beautiful inside. Go to the main building, not the other one. (I forget which is which.) If you want to sit outside, bring a blanket to the Lincoln memorial and chill out on the platform next to the steps. There are also benches along the way.
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If you are going to be downtown near the Federal Triangle metro stop, the Old Post Office Pavilion (directly across from the Federal Triangle Metro station) would fit the bill. It's a cavernous, pleasant space with a food court and many tables. I can't really recommend anything at the food court except the Ben and Jerry's, but it is conveniently located near the museums should you need a diversion. I don't think they provide free wifi, but it will be air conditioned. You might also encounter some free entertainment.

If you happen to be in the area on a Friday evening and it's nice outside, head over to the sculpture garden's pavilion cafe for some free jazz.
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National Building Museum is quite nice.
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Nthing the Courtyard Atrium at the National Portrait Gallery. I think it's open later than most of the other museums too, like 7:00 instead of 5:00.
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