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Super Basic Google Maps Question: I'd like to create a map using google maps, add pins of about 20 locations, and save and share the map. I know this must be possible, but I'm just missing it somehow. How do I create multiple pins on one map? How do I save and share the maps? Thanks!
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Do you see "My Custom Maps" in the drop down under the search bar on the Google Maps page?
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Best answer: Follow these instructions to create a map. When you want to pin a location, search for it and then click on the marker, which opens a pop up. Click on "save to map" and you can, er, save it to your map, and choose the pin.

When you've got your map all set up, the pin locations will be to the left of the map, and there is a link for "collaborate"--click that to share (or allow other editors).
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Best answer: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/u/0/ should be what you are looking for.
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Best answer: Also, this link takes you out of the "new and improved" google maps, back to the old style where My Places isn't buried.
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You might also want to check out BatchGeo or MapBuildr, especially if you have a list of addresses and/or postal codes.
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This addon was featured on lifehacker couple weeks back. Add all the addresses in a spreadsheet (google drive) and have it give you a custom map with pins. In addition to the traditional map view, it gives you additional features like filtering, detail view etc.
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