Earning while I'm Learning?
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I have been asked by a friend who's just starting a technical consulting business to help him do marketing/CRM. I am helping him as a friend with tech strategy and competitive intelligence (what I do know) and he wants to pay me to do business development (which I don't know.) So, what should I charge for consulting services when I am completely new at what I am doing? Sounds foolhardy, I know, but lots of snowflakey details inside.

I told my friend that I have no experience marketing or selling, but his reply was "neither do I." It's a highly technical area and I have enough tech strategy experience and familiarity with his topic to be able to answer potential clients' technical questions. But I've not done a bit of CRM/marketing in my life. He figures that, since I do competitive intelligence and tech strategy, I can learn the marketing stuff with him and run the development side while he develops more IP content.

To start out I will be just a warm body doing the grunt work of marketing and CRM to free him up to do other stuff. He's worried about losing the leads coming his way because he doesn't have enough time to properly nurture them. He wants to know what I think is fair to charge him for that service. I've been asking all my sales/marketing friends to find out what the professionals make doing this. From that I can discount accordingly based on my (lack of) expertise.

I know what I would charge for my strategic research and analysis efforts. But I need more data to figure out what to charge for marketing/CRM work. One friend told me that some charge a daily/hourly rate and then a percentage of leads realized. He gave me a range for each from his experience. I was wondering what ranges/pricing structures fit your experience? And, of course, any other tips and advice would be welcome.
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I'd expect the marketing manager at a small consulting firm to make make anywhere from $40K to six figures a year, depending on the state of the firm and the expectations of the job. A true grunt just baby siting the CRM would be $40K. If you are writing the marketing emails, calling potential clients, qualifying them, doing proposals etc. then your cost to him should be significantly higher.

Divide above figures by 2080 to get the hourly rate.
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