Best storage methods for scratch-and-sniff stickers?
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I bought a few packs of Trend scratch and sniff stickers for my students. Can I safely cut them up into individual pieces, and mix them in one bag? Or will that cause a weird, permanent mixture of scents? Parents, teachers, scratch and sniff experts... please advise.
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Without having tried this myself... I think the point of the "scratch and sniff" feature is that the scent is released upon scratching and doesn't constantly offgas. Since the stickers can't scratch each other (much), I'd think mixing them should be fine.
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I've done this'll get an odd odor when you open the bag but agree with bardolph that the main smell is activated by the scratch. You should be fine.
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If you decide to keep the stickers separate, a baseball card album would be one reasonable way to do that.
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I haven't collected scratch & sniff stickers for decades, but I do remember that some strong scents will permanently change the smell of other stickers. It's safest to segregate them.
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