Dog crates that fit a Modern house?
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The mister and I are moving into a new apartment! Hooray! The one problem? A dog crate that both fits our new apartment's aesthetic and isn't $1200.

So, we're finding things like this and this, which are not to our taste. This is the dream, but it's $1200. Um. No.

Do you all know of, or can find, a good compromise? Hopefully you all have better Google-fu than we do!
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Response by poster: (Edit: He is a 13 lb. terrier who lives an apartment. It should be sized accordingly. Thanks!)
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These Aren't cheap, but they're a lot less than $1200. (Found in this thread)
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Best answer: How about this DIY geometric crate?
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Best answer: Geodesic Dog house!!! Cheap! DIY!
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Alternatively, you could get a stylish crate cover for a more standard crate. I really liked this one.
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How about $320?
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Hmmm... Greta's link leads to a page not found. I found a few articles about these online & they were a third of the price several years ago.

Does your pup need a door? Here's the same manufacturer, but more of a pet home than a kennel.
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Response by poster: I love the geo-dog-sic (nyuck nyuck, sorry) house!

We could probably figure it out, but the little buddy DOES need a door, so he doesn't creep on us in our sleep. That seems... difficult to construct. I'll ask around.

And I saw the door-less eiCrate, but again, door.

The hunt continues, thank you all!
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Best answer: Thank you for the kind words about our design , the eiCrate. I too needed a secure home for my min-pin and was disappointed with what was and still is out there. Since I designed the original version, I have made some great improvements on the aesthetics and function of the design and my girlfriend and I now hand make each one in our studio.

To help celebrate our recent nomination to Martha Stewart's American Made Award Competition I have a SALE going on in my Etsy shop till the end of the month... everything is 25% off if you enter the coupon code "DOGDAYSOFSUMMER" This does in include the eiCrate ;)

I hope this helps you end your search and gives your pup some hope for their new digs.

My best, Peter
Designer and Maker
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Response by poster: Welcome to MeFi, Peter! Hope you stick around.

I love your work. Definitely the best on the market, and I love that they're hand-made. That I didn't know!

Thanks for the promo code!
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