high-proof alcohol for sale in Boston?
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BostonFilter: I'm looking for neutral grain spirits to make tinctures with. I haven't found anything in the liquor store higher than 40% ABV vodkas. Apparently Everclear isn't available in Mass (?), but is there anything else I can get ahold of? Huge bonus points for Cambridge/Somerville, and I can't go to weird exurban car-needing places.
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Your best bet would be taking the train to RI or NH and buying it there.
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Best answer: I've been making infusions recently, and the liquor store in porter square has 151 proof grain alcohol - not as strong or pure as Everclear, but I've had good results with various herbal/fruit recipes that call for something stronger than vodka.
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You can definitely get grain alcohol that is 80% ABV in Providence, RI, if you can't find anywhere closer.
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Response by poster: Thanks all; though I am way too lazy to go to Rhode Island (!) to get my tinct on. heyforfour, if I can find that at Liquor World that would be perfect! Do you happen to have the name, so I can know what I'm looking for?
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Response by poster: also-- sneaky bonus question for people passing through!!!-- does anyone know of a site with info on approximately how long tinctures of various ingredients will take to...tinct? Googling anything about the topic turns up endless material on making cannabis tinctures, which, rock on, but information-wise it kind of drowns out everything else.
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Aperitif cookbook
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I recently made a vitex berry tincture. I used 80 proof vodka. I waited five weeks before straining it, but the instructions I was using said six.
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Response by poster: Well, I went to Liquor World in Porter and they had 151 proof grain alcohol-- thanks for the tipoff! Seems pretty expensive at $20 for a fifth, but I'll take what I can get. The brand is called Graves, for the record (also it's apparently bottled in Somerville, weirdly enough).
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Best answer: Tinctures vary quite a bit, and I suppose it depends if you're doing this primarily for health benefits or if you're looking for flavors to use in drinks. For instance, lavender flavors very quickly, in a matter of hours. For drinks I'd pull it then, as it ends up tasting like perfume if you leave it longer. If I was trying to extract the compounds though, I would leave if a month or more. 1-3 months is the usual range I've seen for these things, depending on how much and often you're shaking it up.
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Response by poster: thanks for the tincture advice, Jawn. I'm glad to get some confirmation that it might not take quite so long to get a good tincture. I kept reading about people steeping their tinctures for weeks and weeks, but mine are already tasting quite strong and distinctive after only about three days. Now I feel less hesitant about going ahead and straining them soon.
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