Looking for sartorial inspiration
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I'm looking for Tumblrs, Pinterest boards, and the like that collect photos of ordinary dudesnot hunky professional models with well funded stylists—rocking casual but sharp outfits.

If that's too broad a net, here's the look I'm mainly interested in: a somewhat eclectic mix of casual and classy, with a tendency toward classic and understatedly funky styling on the nicer pieces. Nice jackets over tasteful T-shirts; jeans with handsome shoes; trousers that are more "cocktails at a funky art gallery" than "Wednesday at the office"; scarves—that sort of thing. (There are no polos, khakis, or branded streetwear in this particular stylistic universe, and "classy" does not mean formal or conspicuously spendy.) Lots of earth tones. More solid colors and subdued textures; less stripes or busy patterns. I tend to see a lot of layering with this look (which provides the opportunity for contrasting casual pieces with classier ones, I guess).

I hope all of that makes sense. It's surprisingly hard to find this look on Google—but Jarle Bernhoft, when he's not wearing a suit and tie, strikes about the balance of casual/classic/funky that I'm after. (The suspenders and bow ties are a little much, but I guess he can get away with it because he's a rock star.)

I'll take whatever you got, though! If it helps, I'm 37, and I work in an office but can wear whatever I want. I would also welcome assistance with my vocabulary, so that I can better find and explain what I like. Fashioning is hard!
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Best answer: The Sartorialist is a go-to.
posted by gemutlichkeit at 7:34 PM on July 17, 2014 [1 favorite]

Best answer: Coffee and the Newspaper pairs stylish men's clothing with equally stylish food.
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Best answer: I have a carefully curated Pinterest board of fashion I think my husband might like here that might be some of what you are looking for.
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Gosh, was hoping more folks would respond.

I think if you run various searches on tumblr you might unearth some fitting finds. Please share any good ones.
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Best answer: Big Guy Flyy has a nice mix of classic and casual in my opinion, including tips on where to buy the clothes.
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