Finding a Reputable Online Pet Medication Store
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Looking to buy Revolution Heartworm medicine for dogs from an Online Store that ships to Canada. Have had a hard time finding what looks like a reputable site. Does anyone here have experience with a good place to find pet medicine online?
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I would start with these online pharmacies, which are certified by an international association of pharmacy boards. I could not find a Canada-specific list.

Failing that, I would only purchase heartworm meds from a pharmacy that required a vet prescription and offered a guarantee on their heartworm products.
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Drs. Foster & Smith ship to Canada, but they charge a US$19.99 flat rate plus 22% international surcharge, so it would be pretty pricey. I get my Revolution from them and have not had any problems with filling the prescription in a timely and accurate manner. I would recommend them heartily if it wasn't for the high fees.
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I don't have a dog in this fight (ha!) but you may have a hard time finding a "reputable" online store, because pet med sellers don't want you to buy them online, and neither do veterinarians. They literally won't sell meds to online stores. So online stores typically get their meds by asking vets to place larger-than-normal orders and sell the extra to them. This typically puts the vets at risk of losing their supplier. Since it's kind of a gray market deal to begin with, you may have trouble finding really above the board online suppliers.

(All of the above is info I know about america, it could be different in other places)
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I don't know if this works in Canada but I recently discovered my local Costco pharmacy will fill veterinarian scripts. Their price on Revolution was a bit cheaper than my vet's.
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I've been using pets-megastore for years and I've always been happy with their products & service.
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