Winnipeg Mazda A/C repair?
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Mrs. Sauce and I are on an epic roadtrip in our Mazda and we just lost our air conditioner. Yelp is failing us. Can anyone recommend an honest and capable repair shop in Winnipeg?
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If you're a CAA member they can put you in touch with someone who won't scam you.
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Are you not interested in taking it to a Mazda dealer? Not that they are guaranteed not to be scammers, of course, but there are two Mazda dealerships in Winnipeg. Crown and Gerry Gordons.
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Best answer: Gerry Gordon's is notoriously bad on all fronts. Crown's maintenance guys are decent.
If you're opposed to taking it to a dealer, my buddy used to work at European guarantees on what they'd charge you, but the work should be good.
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You didn't mention how old the Mazda is and what happened to the A/C. Did it just stop blowing cold air? There are inexpensive kits to refill the Freon that do not take major mechanical ability.
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If it just has a freon leak, those freon refill kits are very cheap. Get the one with the air pressure sensor so you don't overfill, but it literally takes 5 minutes and will get you through the trip.
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Response by poster: It's a 2009 with 38k miles on it.

It just stopped blowing cold air -- we don't know the root cause.
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