Recommend areas to live in an around Newcastle Upon Tyne
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In the spectrum between posh, desirable, OK, and rough, what are some areas to live in and around Newcastle that are nice to live. Posh is probably too expensive for us and not what we want - so something civilised and friendly is about right.
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Let's assume that posh automatically excludes Darras Hall, Gosforth and possibly Jesmond, so how far out are you looking? Places on the Metro but further out: North Shields, Tynemouth, Cullercoats, Whitley Bay? If somewhere closer to the city centre, how tolerant are you of living around students?
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Oooh a question on Metafilter about my hometown! How close to Newcastle are you talking? Jesmond is nice and leafy and has cute shops but some bits of it are really studenty (and quite arrogant, posh students too), Gosforth is lovely and less studenty - but may count as posh. Heaton is really friendly, also has a small village feel and would be my in-town choice. Bits of Fenham are really nice (around Arthurs Hill) but other bits are a bit rough. Generally, the north side of the West Road (Fenham and Wingrove) is a better bet than the South Side (Elswick)

Around Whitley Bay and Cullercoats is friendly and close to the sea.

If you're talking within a 30 minute commute, then Morpeth, Hexham, Corbridge are all lovely.

Areas to avoid (yes there are nice people living there but as a rule of thumb.. it's easier to stay away than risk it to be honest): Elswick, Benwell, Scotswood, Walker, Byker..

It may also be worth looking across the river in Gateshead - they have a lovely park over there and it's sooo much cheaper than Newcastle.

Do ask if you have any other questions!
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You haven't said whether you're a student or a worker or a young family, old family, whatever. It's hard to give a answer because you haven't really stated your needs. Also, do you drive or will you be using public transport?

There's a string of little villages along the Newcastle/Consett road - Winlaton, Rowlands Gill, Hamsterly Colliery, Shotley Bridge etc. The countryside is stunning. If it was me, and I had transport, I'd be looking to commute into Newcastle and live up on a hill somewhere. But what do you need from a home?
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