Need a visa medical form signed ASAP!
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I need a medical certificate signed by a doctor ASAP so I can apply for a Belgian visa. Where can I do this on short notice in Los Angeles? Complicating details inside.

First, I realize that I should have done this much earlier.

I'm located in Los Angeles. I have no primary physician, and my university health center is 2,000 miles away. The consulate's recommended doctor is 6 hours away in San Francisco. The urgent care facility near me says it's $125 + any lab fees, which is steep (although I am willing to pay that if necessary). There are no doctors in my family. I have Blue Shield of CA insurance.

I have a form from my study abroad program signed by a doctor saying that I'm in excellent health with no physical or mental problems that would prevent me from traveling, if that's helpful. It also lists my immunization record.

However, I need to have this form filled out this week or early next. It's pretty simple (basically saying that I don't have anything infectious) but I'm not sure how many of the diseases listed besides TB I'd need to get lab tested for.

What's my best bet? Urgent care? Calling every doctor in the city for an appointment? Are there options I'm missing? Any anecdotal replies on how long/expensive this appointment is would be also helpful.
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Best answer: The form is very similar to the medical exam form needed when applying for a Green Card in the US. So the list of physicians providing such exams may be useful to you:

Some of the tests will take a few days (e.g. tuberculosis, syphilis test). I had the medical exam done in 2007. I think it took about a week for the tests to come back, but you may be able to speed this up (at increased fees, possibly). And $125 sounds about right - definitely not expensive, considering what doctors make.
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Best answer: It looks like LA has ZocDoc now, just look on there for docs with appointment times that take your insurance. Call them to verify price. If you haven't had a physical yet this calendar year under your insurance, you can probably have the doc bill it as that and have more of the visit/tests covered w/out copay.
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UCLA Travel Medical Clinics can do what you need.
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Passport Health also specializes in these types of things and has several locations in and around LA.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! My mom ended up pulling some strings to find a (previously unknown to me) doctor family friend, but this was all incredibly helpful.
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