Who, if anyone, is Randy Quaid channeling in Independence Day?
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Randy Quaid's last line in Independence Day is "Hello, boys, I'm baaack!" He seems to be doing an impression of, or even quoting, some 1940's actress -- a real "dame." But who?
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Earlier in the movie, he referenced being abducted by aliens.

Now I'm glad I saw that movie 15 times.
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I don't think he was imitating/quoting anyone, and it doesn't sound particularly dame-esque to me. It was just (as noted) his way of saying "You abducted me and now I take my REVENGE!"
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It always sounded to me like a combination of Mae West and the little girl from Poltergeist, for reasons known only to Randy Quaid, presumably.
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To me it's felt like a subtle nod to the little girl in Poltergeist saying "they're heeeeeere!"

But for the most part he is channeling his own ridiculous self. It fits entirely with his character.
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Right, I thought it was from Poltergeist (II, actually).
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Jack Torrance?
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The same line appears in the original J. M. Barrie play Peter Pan (PDF script). But it's not a very significant line in the play so I doubt if it's use in Independence Day is intended as a quote.
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I think the script is riffing off of Arnold's "I'll be back" line from Terminator where he is turned away by the police desk and returns later with more firepower. The list of Arnold clips is just below it on your You Tube link. It's pretty iconic.
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It reminded me of Poltergeist but I also thought it had kind of a demented "Lucy, I'm home!" vibe from I Love Lucy.

I suspect that it wasn't deliberately riffing off of any one thing.
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No, but that "hello, boys" is a trope that goes back to somewhere, but I don't know where either. TVtropes is not helping.
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Mae West said* "Hello, boys" in at least one of her movies. The "I'm ba-ack!" seemed to be original Randy Quaid character, to me.

*Unless this is yet another Mae West imaginary quote.
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