Rare electric guitar gospel song (god is a good god)
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I once went through a phase listening to all of the Thompkins Square, Numero Group, etc. gospel compilation albums, and I heard a song that had an awesome guitar part. I composed my own song around it, but now I'd really like to hear the original. I lost most of my music in a hard drive crash and now I can't for the life of me find the song. I think it's called "God Is a Good God" but I can't be sure

It's a pretty uptempo number with a wailing guitar part trading off with an organ. A chorus is singing call and response: "god is a good god" "(yes he is)" so I think that might be the song title, but googling that offers no results, even with queries like "god is a good god rare gospel compilation"

I think it's off of one of the compilations, like Fire in My Bones (checked that) full of gospel tracks, possibly one oriented around electrified guitar recordings, but I can't be sure. If any of you have heard what I'm talking about, be a friend and direct me to it? Thanks so much!
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Response by poster: If it helps, I think the guitar is played with a slide, looking through the Sacred Steel compilations now...
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Best answer: FOUND IT! For your listening enjoyment:

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I have nothing to add since you found it yourself, but thank you. That's a real find.
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I've seen these guys live, utterly mindblowing
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