Nerdy grammar shirt on short notice
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I'm looking for a t-shirt with the phrase: "Let's eat Grandma / Let's eat, Grandma / Punctuation saves lives!" I've found several online, but the difficulty is that I'd like to have one before we visit the Grandma in question for her birthday in a couple of days. We'll be driving, and traveling through Denver and Colorado Springs. Does anyone know of a place there where I could find this t-shirt?
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Have it mailed to you at Grandma's house?
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Options besides buying online:

Contact a local shirt maker/screen printer. They should be able to make one the same day if you have an idea of what you want. Sports shops sometimes do this for school gear and shirts.

Do your own iron on transfer using the special paper you can buy from the craft store or staples, etc.

Paint it on using a freezer paper stencil. (On my phone but you can cut a stencil from freezer paper and iron it onto the shirt then paint. Many how-tos online.)
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I've seen it online, but I don't recall ever seeing this particular one in the t-shirt shops around Manitou. (The styles lately to center on mountaineering/hiking, marijuana jokes, marijuana jokes, and marijuana jokes. Awesome.)

I'm in COS near I-25. If you're stuck ordering it online, you can have it mailed here and I'll hold it for you.
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Twist and Shout in Denver sells a bunch of crazy T-shirts, you could give them a call.
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I have a printer and iron-on transfers and live in Denver, so...bring an iron (I had to borrow one from another local mefite) and you can make one. Memail me if you want to.
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It sounds like the shirts at Fuego, which is a store in every mall in Portland. If you run out of ideas, see if there is one in Denver.
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Response by poster: Looks like the iron on transfer thing should work nicely. Thanks to everyone for the advice and offers to help!
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