Good place to get super-8mm home movies put on DVDs in NYC?
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Lots of home movies, some are super-8, some are tapes, some are mini-DV tapes, etc. I'd like to get them put on DVDs that I can then easily edit. I'm in Manhattan, NYC. thanks (oh a long time ago there was another question like this and somebody suggested a mail-order place, but I don't feel comfortable sending off my precious home movies from the 1950s etc. away)
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Pac Lab are about the only walk in super 8 transfer place in Manhattan nowadays. I used to use them for film making and they were fine. They do do transfer to digital but I don't know specifically that they transfer to DVD. I can't imagine they don't though!
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I did it recently via somebody I found on Ebay. The prices were quite reasonable. I'm on my phone at the moment but if you want me to dig up the info let me know.
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We had this done by Dijifi in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It's a clean, well-run place, and they did a great job with fast turn around.
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My friend did this the low budget way, by playing the movies and filming the projection with a digital camera...the results were actually pretty good.
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Digital is easier to work with than full fledged DVD format and can easily be transferred to DVD after you're through editing.
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I hear good things about Dijifi from my analog filmmaker friends.

If you don't know about it already, is a wonderful guide to DIY preservation best practices for taking care of your originals.
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