Where can I get immunizations in the Berkshires?
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Asking for Mrs. Heliostatic: In preparation for grad school, I need to prove that I've had the MMR and meningitis vaccines. I need to get them in the next month, and I'm in the Berkshires (North West Massachusetts) for the summer. I have no primary care provider here. What are the best bets for inexpensive vaccination right now?
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My first guess is the local health department - I know I've gotten cheap vaccines there before.

It also looks like the Walgreens/CVS type clinics have MMR and meningitis vaccines, too.
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Doc in the Box/Minute Clinic, county health department for Vaccines is as good as any. They may be able to titer blood for anti-bodies if the MMR was in the past 20 years or so. (I was in the co-hort where the vaccine wasn't as strong, so I needed to be re-vaccinated.)

When I re-enrolled in school, I got all that done through Student Health Services right on campus.
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Northampton may have a community health clinic that would be able to give vaccines at free or reduced cost. Amherst is a big college town and may have something as well.
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Looks like the North Adams Rite Aid does MMR and Meningitis. I don't know how much it costs but it might be worth giving them a call.
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Best answer: If you're low income/seriously worried about your ability to pay, this organization is a Federally Qualified Health Center with locations providing primary care in Great Barrington, Lee and Pittsfield. They don't explicitly state that they offer vaccination services but I'd assume they likely do, and they state that they offer care regardless of ability to pay.

I also found this walk in clinic in Pittsfield that says they offer vaccinations.

You could also just Google "family medicine"/"primary care"/"internal medicine" + and start calling offices and asking if they have the vaccinations you need available and what they charge.
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