Recommend me a Stretching/Yoga App for iOS
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I'm looking for an equivalent to the You Are Your Own Gym body weight exercises app. I've been using the app for a couple of months now and I really like it - the exercises are explained in good detail and there is a good progression from very easy to challenging. There seem to be loads of apps available but I'm not sure which ones are any good. Which have you found useful?
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I'm a big fan of Yoga Studio
posted by roomthreeseventeen at 6:28 AM on July 14, 2014 [4 favorites]

I also like Yoga Studio. You can either follow their routines or create one of your own.
posted by radioamy at 7:28 AM on July 14, 2014

Yoga Studio is fantastic.
posted by gnutron at 8:39 AM on July 14, 2014

Sworkit is good for yoga/stretching/calisthenics.
posted by rensar at 9:42 PM on July 14, 2014

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