Parking by the Philly US Custom House
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I need to go to the Philadelphia Passport Agency on Friday morning. The state dept website assures me there are several pay parking lots in the vicinity. But I'd prefer more concrete directions, as I'm driving in from 3 hrs away for an 8am appointment. Can anyone give me recommendations and addresses of lots or garages that are very likely to be open that are nearby? Where I can park all day? The address is 200 Chestnut St.

Also any advice on what traffic will be like at that time or passport agency advice would be appreciated. If you can't tell, I'm really nervous about going there, as my travel plans are coming up quick. I don't want to mess up and be late or have the wrong stuff.
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I was just down by 9th and Chestnut and there were at least 6 easy access park and pay lots within a few blocks of where I needed to go. If you do a google map search around 200 Chestnut for pay lots, you will get plenty of options. Philly is thankfully a very easy city to drive in and parking around the major areas is plentiful, just expensive.
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Here is the parking locator on the Philadelphia Parking Authority's website. It shows both official PPA lots and private lots. Typing in your address pulls up five lots within about three blocks:

36 S Second St (80 spaces, $10)
125 S Second St (615 spaces, $9.50)
24-28 S. Front Street (75 spaces, $8)
109 Chestnut, 36-46 S. Front (75 spaces, 8)
2nd & Market Street (39 spaces, $9)

The first two and last are open 24 hours; the 3rd and 4th open at 7.

I'm not too familiar with early-morning traffic in the city. Earlier is better. That is near the main tourist areas (Independence Hall and Penn's Landing) so is fairly safe.
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There is a large self-park garage on 2nd street between chestnut and walnut.

Edit: here's the streetview (i hope).
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Actually just did a google maps search for the area, and I parked there about two months ago! I used the large parking garage on S Second St associated with the Ritz. It's on the left side as you're driving south on 2nd (which is a one-way road). You'll get a ticket when you pull in, then there are self-pay machines on the first floor. Pay before you go back to your car when you leave.

If you're looking for an interesting place for lunch or dinner go across the street to City Tavern, which is a reconstruction of the place where Adams, Jefferson, Franklin, and the other founders hung out while hammering out the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.
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Where are you driving from? North down 95? You will hit traffic. East from NJ? You're fine.
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