Current Comedic Curators of Kitsch
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In the 80s, we saw the rise of Pee-Wee, Weird Al, and Julie Brown. In the 90s we had Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and TV Funhouse. In the aughts we were introduced to Tim and Eric, Everything is Terrible! and Wonder Showzen. All have plundered to our kitsch-laden past to create some great modern comedy and commentary, and many of the above are still going strong today. The question: who are our latest purveyors of kitsch, creating comedy from the detritus of the past?
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Check out the theme from/music of "WordGirl." Its homage to '70s game shows is quite good too. Episodes are available on YT.
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Check out my favorite Australian action/comedy show: Danger 5
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The Aquabats!
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+1 Archer
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I think in general this genre, specifically using the 50s-70s as fodder for comedy, has mostly gone by the wayside. The 80s are well covered by T&E. Most spoof shows these days are parodying the kitchiness of the late 90s-mid 2000s. Children's Hospital is a take off of ER/Greys Anatomy. NTSF:SD:SUV is parodying 24/NCIS. Eagleheart is taking on Walker Texas Ranger. And so on.
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The Venture Brothers started as a Johnny Quest/GI Joe/boy adventurer (Hardy Boys, etc) parody, but has evolved into something much weirder and better.
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It's not just Tim and Eric -- the whole Adult Swim line-up lives and breathes this stuff. SeaLab 2021, Robot Chicken, Look Around You, Venture Bros., Family Guy, etc. etc. etc.

Beyond individual personalities, I think you'd do well looking at various web-based, community-driven engines of content creation and remixing, like TVTropes (media and pop culture cliches), Homestuck (sprawling RPG- and video game-flavored fandom/lore), and Polandball (reinterpretation of history and geopolitics through simple MSPaint comics). Speaking of Polandball, Reddit is great at creating and sustaining these weird niche corners of creativity -- see stuff like Dolan, Inglip, CivPolitics, F7U12, and the various flavor-of-the-now subreddits that trend each day.
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