Passport lost in london
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So, i lost my US passport in england somewhere. For renewing the passport at the embassy, will a copy of my birth certificate do or do i have to have my wife mail over the real one? any other tips for renewing US passports abroad?

Lesson learned: don't lose your passport. It is a major hassle and expensive.
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"What Do I Need to Replace my Passport Overseas?
The following list identifies a number of documents/items you should take with you to the embassy/consulate. Even if you are unable to present all of the documents, the consular staff will do their best to assist you to replace your passport quickly. Please provide:

A Passport Photo (one photo is required; get it in advance to speed the process of replacing your passport)
Identification (driver's license, expired passport etc.)
Evidence of U.S. citizenship (birth certificate, photocopy of your missing passport)
Travel Itinerary (airline/train tickets)
Police Report, if available
DS-11 Application for Passport (may be completed at time of application)
DS-64 Statement Regarding a Lost or Stolen Passport (may be completed at time of application)"

Straight from the horse's mouth. Good luck!
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Sorry, what I mean is that it looks like a copy will do of an old passport but not of the birth certificate.
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Yeah, I got a new one in BCN with my NYS driver's license and a (notarized, or at least officially stamped by the bank) photocopy of my passport that my local bank had on file as my ID on the account. If any hotel, hostel, or car letting agent made a copy of your passport, anyone you have done business with in the UK, see if they still have a copy on file and get a copy of that!
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Also in the future you should always have saved in your email a copy/scan of your passport with a dumb file name like "tasty ham sandwich" or similar that doesn't scream TAKE MY IDENTITY in the event that someone accesses your account.
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I've had a US passport replaced with less at that very embassy.
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