Where can I buy a way-old FINAL CUT PRO?
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My uncle has given me a big old box of FINAL CUT STUDIO, which is an upgrade from FINAL CUT PRO of the early 2000s. So, how can I now buy FINAL CUT PRO?

I'm not talking piracy, I'm wondering if there is a way to legitimately buy FINAL CUT PRO, install it on a Mac OS X G5, then use my upgrade to FINAL CUT STUDIO with the stuff that came in the large black box.
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Are you sure it's an upgrade? I own Final Cut Studio 2, and it was completely self-contained/didn't require any previously-installed software. I don't recall Apple selling upgrade-only versions, although my memory may be completely off. (The FCS days feel like ages ago, at this point...)

(Incidentally, I'd be willing to sell it, if it's at all useful to your cause.)
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Try eBay. I just saw lots of physical FCP discs for sale there.
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Cvp has it, Final Cut Studio is a bundle that includes FCP, not an upgrade from. You should be fine with what you have in the box (unless you've got the oldest, PowerPC version, in which case installation might be a bit of a challenge.)
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I think FC Studio upgrade licenses were a thing, but I'm pretty sure they didn't come in a big box. Try installing it. Worst case scenario, it doesn't work and you buy an FC4/HD disc on fleabay.

Kagredon, he mentions he has a G5 tower, so the PowerPC build is a blessing, not a curse in this case.
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consider just buying the latest version, final cut pro x, which is a smart bit of software and *shockingly inexpensive*.
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