Friendly martial arts in Portland?
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What are some martial arts or self defense communities in Portland, OR I might enjoy becoming involved with?

After a bit of roughhousing the other day, I felt great. Now I want to take up a fun martial art.

I'm looking for something beginner friendly and that has lots of other friendly, sociable young people.

(I'm 22, live in SE, and read as a queer male).
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I've quite enjoyed taking aikido lessons at PSU (and should probably get back into it soon). The instructor is a pretty cool and friendly guy, and (when last I attended) the veteran students were quite friendly and sociable as well.
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i did an Indonesian martial art called Poekoelan in Oakland for a few months. I liked it, but had to stop because I just wasn't willing to make the time commitment. There is a location in Portland: I think they are separately owned but people from the Portland location came down to Oakland for certain events, so they are related.

If it's anything like the Oakland studio, it's really tightknit, social, enthusiastic about getting new people involved, friendly, etc.
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