Looking for Badminton Set Recommendations
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I am in the market for a badminton set to play in the park on nice days. I do not have a yard, so it's important that the set is portable and the net is easy to set up and take down. None of the sporting goods stores in DC seem to carry badminton sets, so definitely looking for something that can be ordered online.

I was looking around on Amazon, but nothing jumped out at me. I just wanted to see if anyone had recommendations for a particular set. Thanks!
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I have no personal experience with this set, but it looks like it contains everything you're looking for. I love playing badminton, and used to play with an "imaginary" net in the basement and a Nerf ball instead of a shuttlecock during the winter. I might give this set a try, as even though I have a back yard, there isn't any easy method of stringing a net up. Best of luck to you!
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I bought this one a year and a half ago and have been pretty pleased with it. We've just had to replace a couple of stakes, but otherwise it's been very solid.
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