Youtube music video suggestions - artists like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj?
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I have a friend who wants to watch some new music videos. He has no access to the internet, but I do. Great! I can help out. Except we have very different tastes in music and he only gets as specific as "like Nicki." He also really likes Rihanna and Beyoncé's more beat-driven songs, La Fouine, and a lot of Nigerian popular music. Can you make suggestions for me? Preferably with links, because I'm on strictly metered internet and can't download a lot of videos to find the good ones.
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Pandora/Spotify/etc. can probably make better suggestions, but Ciara comes to mind, e.g. Body Party and numerous remixes, because she also has songs that feature Nicki Minaj, e.g. I'm Out (Explicit). Further afield, there's Havana Brown (We Run the Night), Azealia Banks (212), or Iggy Azalea (Fancy).

If something sort of slow, vastly less commercial, but still rhythmic and vocally raspy might work, maybe try Segilola: Somewhere Along the Line (video) or Substance Called Love (audio only).
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Your friend might like David Guetta. My favourite is Play Hard. The video is crazeballs (altough god, the product placement, so obvious). He also has a couple of songs featuring Nicki Minaj, I like Where Them Girls At.
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Gucci Gucci - Kreayshawn

I'm The One - Reema Major (her song Double Time is pretty fun, as is I Am Legend)

Gossip Folks - Angel Haze (I prefer her song New York but there doesn't seem to be a video for it - that's just a picture of the album cover. Her freestyle Shit I Don't Like is pretty good, too, and has a video.)

Lady Sovereign - Random

Amanda Blank - Might Like You Better (her song Something Bigger, Something Better is a better song, but again, no video, just a picture)

This song is not new but it's good, and the video is neat: Conceited - Remy Ma
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Boom Boom - Rye Rye

I'm Down and I'm Good - Amplify Dot
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Something tells me they'll like Iggy Azelea's Fancy.
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How about giving this music video a try: f(x)'s Red Light? This doesn't have a corresponding video, but it's from the same album as the aforementioned: 무지개 (Rainbow).
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