Where should we watch the World Cup finals in Berlin?
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We'll be arriving Sunday afternoon, both of us first-timers in Berlin. Any recommendations on where we should be for the game? (Pub, outdoor venue, anything goes).
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Well, if you want big crowds/singing/partying, the Fanmeile at the Brandenburger Tor is the main place to be. Keep in mind that as it gets closer to the game starting, the police start shutting down streets and bridges around the area and rerouting foot traffic, so make sure you get in early. After the game, the big partying and celebrating tends to happen around Kurfürstendamm - lots of people honking horns, singing, etc.

If you prefer a beer garden (which is really nice if the weather cooperates), there are many good ones. One I really like is Golgatha, which is on the edge of Viktoriapark in Kreuzberg. I think the main thing at any beer garden is getting there early to grab a table - they will fill up fast.

Basically, any place that serves beer in any form (including Spätis (bodegas) that sell bottles) will have set up a screen, usually a projector outside with seats on the sidewalk. This is also really fun, and you'll get a good crowd of locals, especially in a neighborhood like Neukölln (or the area between Kreuzberg and Neukölln, Kreuzkölln). The Sudanese Imbiss called Sahara on Reuterstraße is a great little intersection for this (and the food is incredible and cheap as well). I'd recommend this as a great "Berlin" experience.
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I am not a Berliner so Yiggs' advice will be much more useful, but Union Berlin have been getting a lot of coverage for converting their pitch into a living room where fans take sofas along and sit on the pitch to watch a giant tv. You can sit on the sides as well if you have no sofa to take. You have to book your own sofa in ahead of the game and I suspect it might be pretty busy for the final.
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We watched an earlier game at Prater Biergarten when I was in Berlin 2 weeks ago. Good crowd, good beer, fun atmosphere.
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Link for Prater.
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