Help me identify this image from a shirt
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Hank Green of Vlogbrothers fame wore an interesting shirt with what I believe is an iconic image from a film, but I have been unable to remember where it's from.

Here is a cropped image from the shirt. It's absolutely safe for work—though a little creepy—just red stylized staring eyes repeated multiple times down the shirt.

The image came from TheFineBros video YouTubers React to Rejected at about 6m44s.

Google searches—even "search by image"—and social networks haven't helped. I hate to admit that I've been staring at this off and on for over a week now, and I'm spending an unhealthy amount of time trying to remember where I've seen it. IF I've seen it, I must admit that possibility. It seems very Al Pacino-y, but I'm unable to find any Pacino movie with imagery similar to this. Seriously, I feel like my sanity is on the line here.

Help me, MetaFilter, you're my only hope.
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Al Pacino from the Godfather?
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Best answer: I have seen Hank wear that shirt before and I always thought it was just a remade version of the Pizza John shirt with John Green's eyes repeated.
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Response by poster: You know, I think you're right!
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Response by poster: Comparing the two, that has to be it. Thank you thank you thank you!
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I think that's Big Brother's eyes from 1984.

And if that's the case, it should be obvious why the eyes are repeated. And how the shirt is a political statement.
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Response by poster: After doing a bit of research, it looks like this was one of six limited editions of the Pizza shirt (linked by Merinda above) only available in November 2012. So I'm 20 months late to score an awesome shirt.

Although I'm glad that Hank wasn't wearing a Charles Manson or Paul Stanley shirt, which were two of the more popular suggestions I got on Facebook.

Of course, now I want a 1984 shirt!
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