"But chief, you've barely touched your banana kaboom"
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My 30th birthday is next week. Where in Chicago can I get a free birthday ice cream sundae?

I'm visiting the great city of Chicago on Friday the 18th, which is the 30th birthday of yours truly, and I have a dream. I kind of feel like for this kind of momentous occasion, I am well-deserving of a free birthday ice cream dessert, a kind of present from the universe to me.

Where can I procure such a thing? I will have my passport with me as proof of birthday. Is there a Boston Pizza, a Denny's, a TGI Fridays that still does this kind of promotion? If not a banana split, perhaps some sort of meal or hamburger or shoeshine?
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Best answer: Red Robin has a loyalty program that'll give you a free birthday burger! It looks like they have a location near 'O Hare. (I think if you say it's your birthday, they'll come sing and give you ice cream too, but don't quote me on that.)

Denny's will give you a free grand slam on your birthday.

There are some more birthday dessert offers listed here.
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Huck Finn restaurant.
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Response by poster: you guys are the BESSSSTTTT
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Marble Slab Creamery will give you a free cone during your birthday week - you have to sign up online and they email a coupon.
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Does it have to be an ice cream sundae? Last month, I happened to be at the bar at the JW Marriott with someone who was celebrating her birthday. We mentioned it to our waiter in passing, and a little while later, he brought out this very delicious chocolate peanut butter pie creation for her, on the house! I'm not sure if that's SOP for them, or if our waiter made it happen, but it was quite lovely.
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Cold Stone Creamery eClub
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