Truffle mania
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I have just discovered that I love truffle-infused foodstuffs. So far, I have had popcorn and cheese, and macaroni and cheese that were all sprinkled with truffle goodness. What else is out there that I absolutely have to have?
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French fries (or roasted potato wedges) with truffle salt. Truffle oil on bruschetta (the basic olive oil + roasted bread version; haven't tried it with tomatoes.) Lentil soup.
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Well I will be following this question because I discovered the same thing.

But here are my 2 suggestions: Cheese infused with truffles or truffle oil. I don't know where you live, but I discovered this at Murray's cheese in NYC. Tasting was free (and boy did I buy more).

Also, truffle salt.
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Buy a bottle of truffle oil. Sprinkle a few drops onto basically anything savory as a finishing oil; salad, soups (especially chilled soups, for some reason, gazpacho or vichyssoise), mashed potatoes, french fries.

Also, make compound butter with either truffle or the oil, and put that on whatever you like (e.g., put a pat of it on a steak, spread it on toast, whatever.)
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Scrambled eggs.
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I made deviled eggs with truffle oil once. They were insane.
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Parmesan french fries with truffle oil. Yes.
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Wolfster, I live in NYC, and discovered delicious truffle cheese at Fairway.
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Pizza. Edit: yes, get the truffle oil.
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Really potatoes in any form are delicious with truffle oil. I also drizzle it over roasted asparagus, and roasted cauliflower. Truffle butter on steak is delicious. Truffle oil over omelets or scrambled eggs (if they have cheese in them make sure it's a more mild cheese so it doesn't fight the truffle). Truffle over white pizza (especially potato pizza). Hell, just drinking it straight from the damn bottle. I love truffles so much.

For the record Trader Joe's also has really delicious truffle cheddar.
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You can make the most mundane grocery-store-made soups and pizzas taste a lot more savory and rich by drizzling truffle oil on them. (A lot of bad "fancy" restaurants use truffle oil to cheaply gussy up what would otherwise be bad dishes, which is one reason why the stuff has a pretty bad rap in culinary quarters.)

But, beware. After an infatuation period, you will get sick of the stuff, because all foods with truffle oil taste pretty much the same: like truffle oil. Like sriracha, or like ketchup, or like red pepper in a salad, truffle oil is the bully of the meal. It drowns out other flavors rather than complementing them.

Think of it as a condiment like ketchup rather than a finishing ingredient like olive oil. Resist the temptation to use it on foods that have interesting or subtle flavors on their own.
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One of those things being a foie gras hamburger.
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are you willing to take recipes? I have a great recipe for bacon & truffle oil mac & cheese that originated with Tillamook back like ten years ago.
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Recipes are great. Thanks for all this, everyone.
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Years ago in San Francisco I bought some truffle honey. It was bonkers on brie'd crackers.
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I had a little truffle oil in pesto recently and it was SO GOOD.
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I bet you could put truffle salt in chocolate.
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Mushroom soup. Yes, put mushrooms on more mushrooms! It's amazing :)
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Seconding aniola. Put truffle salt on good quality dark chocolate. Heaven.
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Last year we did a truffle dinner with a couple of friends. Our aim was simple food that brought out the truffleness of the truffle.

We got a hunk of black truffle and stuck it in with some fresh duck eggs for a week or so. We then made fresh pasta from the eggs.

We shaved the truffle and mixed it in with some unsalted Lescure butter. The good stuff in truffle is fat soluble (according to a chef friend), so you need something fatty like butter to bring it out properly.

We tossed the truffle butter through the truffle pasta and served it, with the remainder of the shaved truffle on the table along with some shaved Regiano for sprinkling on top.

Do I need to add that it was truly epically awesome. Even our friends' three-year-old loved it.
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Just so you know, that flavor that you're calling 'truffle' probably isn't actually truffle anything, but instead 2,4-Dithiapentane, a component in the flavor of truffles. It's artificially made and infused into olive oil. There's nothing wrong with it at all if you enjoy that flavor, but unless you've had actual truffles, my recommendation for what you should absolutely have if you liked previous other truffle flavored things:

Actual truffles.
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Actual truffles (black truffles, anyway — I've never had white truffles) aren't as truffly as "truffle" oil, so there is actually a significant risk of expensive disappointment (a lot of what good chefs do with truffles is about truffles enhancing the flavour of other foods, rather than dishes tasting of truffle per se). Truffle salt (at least the truffle salt that you can get around here) does have actually truffle in it, but it's supplemented with artificial truffle aroma.

But, as ZaneJ says, there is no substitute for actual truffles. Lucky for me it's truffle season here and local truffles are for sale everywhere. Although, at $3 a gram, not really the sort of thing you can eat every day.
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Since you're in New York - The Filling Station in Chelsea Market is a good source for truffle salt/oil.
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