Firefox Window Size on Mac
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Feature or Bug: the size of Firefox windows on my Powerbook can't be adjusted; dragged smaller, and it looks like the bottom of the window is below the screen.
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No access to the window buttons either? Whenever I have a problem where I can not grab a window (at the head or foot) I reset the display resolution to something other than what I am using, then back again. This usually resizes everything into something workable.
posted by Dick Paris at 6:20 AM on November 2, 2005

Heh. Two Parises (Pares?). But yeah, try changing your resolution; you should be able to get a handle on the window that way.
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Best answer: If they aren't hidden, try clicking on the right-most button along the top left (the plus sign).
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And if the buttons are hidden, you could use the 'Zoom' command in the Window menu.
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Stupid UI problem, huh? Try clicking this bookmarklet. Oh, AxMe won't let you. Go to this bookmarklet page and click the bookmarklet labeled "Webconfs - Window Resize 640x480".
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Response by poster: Oh. Duh. I feel stupid. Very. Please throw things at me.
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Oh. Duh. I feel stupid. Very. Please throw things at me.

Don't worry, it's rather non-intuitive. If your window is smaller than the screen, the plus sign does what you'd assume it does, and pushes the window as large (tall, really) as your screen will allow.

Handily (but unclearly) it basically does the same thing in reverse when your window is beyond the edge of the display.
posted by jalexei at 11:57 AM on November 2, 2005

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