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What newsletters do you subscribe to that are useful?

I've recently moved to the Boston/Cambridge area and I'd like to get to know the city and the neighborhoods.

When I was in Seattle, I was introduced to Thrillist that finds and highlights the places to see, restaurants to eat at and things to do around town. They have a newsletter that they send out on a regular basis. I'm subscribed to the Boston edition, and I think that the website and the newsletter are excellent. I'd like to find a few more newsletters that I'd like to read as well as keep up-to date of what's happening around the city.

I'd like to know:

* What newsletters do you subscribe to that you generally use and introduce you to new stuff
* What newsletters should I be reading? As a point of reference, here are a few good ones that I like
1) Very Short List
2) Netted by The Webbys
3) Now I Know by Dan Lewis

And then as an extra - how do people generally find things going on in the Boston/Cambridge/Somverville/Greater Boston area? Bonus points for newsletters/online calendars.
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The Skimm is a fantastic short glimpse of news around the world. Great read, takes about four minutes start to finish.
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The Boston Calendar sends out a weekly Events that don't suck newsletter and it's pretty good.

I also like subscribing to the newsletters of specific venues I like, such as the Brattle Theatre, Coolidge Corner Theater, and Harvard Book Store.
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I've read every issue of popbitch since the late 1990's - its no longer the cannonical source for London media / celebrity scandal and ephemera -but it's still good!
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I am on various fashion newsletters (Rue La La, Jackthreads, MyHabit, etc.) that tell me about cheap designer clothes on sale.

Groupon's emails are actually very handy for figuring out things to do. I'm staying in a four star hotel this weekend for about half its usual room rate because I snagged a groupon at the right time.

I can't speak to that area specifically, but a lot of the indie productions around town go through a local ticketing service and I'm signed up to their events newsletter.
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If you like Now I Know (and it is great!), you'll probably like the Mental Floss newsletter.

The Longreads Weekly is another favorite of mine.
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It's not a newsletter, and this might sound ridiculous, seeing how it's 2014, but I actually use LiveJournal. Davis Square has a highly active LiveJournal community. They typically post when there are new events in town (at Tufts, in Davis, etc.). That's how I first heard about fun things like PorchFest and ArtBeat and Honk! when I moved to Somerville.

The Porter Square Neighbors Association sometimes posts about events, as well, though most of their elist messages just consist of griping re: zoning and related issues. That's how I hear about local free bicycling classes.

I also like Nibble, Universal Hub, Dig Boston, and the little free independent newspaper you can sometimes pick up at BerryLine on the table near the door. If you find out what that's called, let me know! I loved it, and misplaced my copy before I could write that down.

If you're interested in sewing/knitting/fiber/art stuff, Gather Here offers classes every month, and they have an online calendar. I took three classes with them, and I loved it. And danger!awesome, which is nearby, offers classes in laser cutter-related activities.

I also subscribe to The Somerville Theatre's mailing list, and use Bandsintown to figure out when people I like are playing in the area. I love The Middle East Downstairs, and they have an elist as well.
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