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I have bought the movie "Blue is the Warmest Color" on DVD, and now I would like to know the name of one of the actresses of the movie.

She has a very small role; I only thinks she is in two scenes. (She witnesses Adèle's fight in the school yard, and she's at Adèle's 18th birthday party.) Here's a screenshot of her from the school yard scene. Do you know her name?
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You can do a google image search for each woman's name in the imdb page. (there are lot of names though - it will be a slog)

Is she in this image? The character's name is Beatrice and the actress is Alma Jodorowsky.

There are not many screenshots of the non-R scenes that I can find. Funny that.
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Mod note: image link corrected, it should work now
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Response by poster: No, it's not Beatrice/Alma Jodorowsky. (Sorry about the broken link, by the way; thanks to mathowie for fixing it).
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I haven't seen "Blue is the Warmest Color" but that screencap looks quite a bit like Yara Pilartz.

Unfortunately she doesn't show up in the cast list in imdb, but it's possible she was uncredited if the role was non-speaking.
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Response by poster: She actually has a couple of lines in the school yard scene. She stands up for Adèle against Amelie and Laetitia. Below is an excerpt from a subtitles file I found on (I don't think the times are quite right):

01:06:31,071 --> 01:06:32,823
NN: You said we'd ask calmly.


01:06:41,998 --> 01:06:44,751
NN: You're not talking.
You attacked her.

01:06:44,918 --> 01:06:46,591
[Someone else]: She attacked us.

01:06:46,711 --> 01:06:49,931
NN: She attacked physically.
But you did verbally.

01:06:50,089 --> 01:06:52,091
[Someone else]: - We asked nicely.
NN: - You did not.
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