Push Banking Everyday
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Is there an application or service that will send a push message or SMS on a schedule with account balances of various accounts. Mint will do this weekly but I'd like to have it come once a day at a specific time.
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Bank of America Online Banking does this. It can be an email, a text, or (I think) a push message with their smartphone app. It doesn't always come at the same time though. I'd say 85% of the time it is right around 7 am (Eastern), but sometimes it doesn't show up until the afternoon or evening.
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If your banks have text banking, and you have a smartphone, you can install an auto-SMS app that sends text inquiries to your banks every day at a time you specify and the banks will text back. I have this set up with AutoSMS (Android app) and my credit union (Wauna in Oregon) and I get balance texts every morning like clockwork.

(I understand you want an app that texts you all your balances every morning, but I'm not sure that exists, so the next best thing is setting it up so you get texts from your banks. I think text banking is becoming more common, though it is definitely not standard yet.)
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