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Hi folks, a friend is looking to do some garden remodelling. She's seen a couple of plants she'd like and took photographs, but has no idea what they actually are. So, green-fingered members of the green, can you help? Images and snowflakes inside.

She needs to replace her hedge and likes the look of this one. And she also fancies some of these (the tall fuchsia-coloured ones in the middle). Google images isn't helping much. These are all in England if it matters any. So, can anyone identify either of these two? Thanks in advance for any help.
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Best answer: The hedge plant in the first picture is Bay.
posted by mymbleth at 4:37 AM on July 11, 2014

Best answer: I think the first one is Portuguese Laurel. The variegated version is prettier, but also a bit more sensitive to wind scorch. I think the second one is a type of Aconite.
posted by Solomon at 4:56 AM on July 11, 2014

Best answer: Hollyhock? Another example here.
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Response by poster: Identified within the hour: Hollyhock and Laurel. Thanks folks, you're awesome :)
posted by peteyjlawson at 5:32 AM on July 11, 2014

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