That's a lot of soda bread...
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By mistake my company has booked me double baggage allowance for my flight to Dublin for a conference, so I have a capacity of 46kg. I live in London. What kind of heavy yet-hard-to-get in the UK thing should I buy to make the most of this? My only thought was a case of whisky or possibly a very large amount of Guinness. I only have one free morning (Thursday), which is also the day I fly out. Is there anything I'm not thinking of?
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Best answer: My answer to this is the same as my answer to almost all of Life's Important Questions: cheese.
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Hand knit sweaters from Cleo's.
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To go with the Guinness, lots and lots of Tayto crisps. (And bubble wrap)
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The "there are no limits but we'll seize the stuff if we decide that it's not for personal use" guidelines might be worth reading, just in case.
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If the UKBA is satisfied that the goods are for a commercial purpose it may seize them and any vehicle used to transport them,

I think I see a way to get back at the airlines for all the crap they've put us all through for all these years...

Lengthy discussion on Fodors site of what you should bring home from Ireland.
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Response by poster: I think cheese is a winner. I googled Irish Cheese and started salivating. If you have anything else, or any specific cheese shops in Dublin to recommend, please let me know!
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Try Sheridan's

If you are a food-loving person, you might also like to try Fallon & Byrne's Food Hall for things like Irish jams, chutneys, marmalades, local honeys etc. They would also be less likely to expire quickly than a lot of cheese!

You might also want to look in Avoca on Suffolk Street for things like Irish-made candles, soaps, beauty, etc.

All of the above are within a few hundred metres/five minutes of each other.
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P.S. If buying whiskey, go here:, again within a few hundred metres/five minutes of all the above.
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Buy Barry's tea (light but bulky), Kerrygold butter or vacuum packed and ice-packed Superquinn sausages and sell them on the black market to local Irish people.
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