Contemporary Devotional Songs for a Family Reunion
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I will be attending my annual family reunion this weekend, and have been asked by family members to lead the devotional hymn. I play acoustic guitar and pick up songs by ear fairly easily, but I have no idea what I am looking for. I regularly attend church, and am familiar with many of the traditional hymns, but I am striking out on contemporary devotional songs with a focus on family gathering. It's a long shot, but anyone have suggestions?
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Best answer: A few popular and easy to play praise choruses I assume a family crowd would know:

Lord, I Lift Your Name on High
Our God (is an Awesome God)
Open the Eyes of My Heart
Shout to the Lord
You are My All in All
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Here's a long-shot answer, since it's pretty personal to the singer/writer, but it might be suitable:
First Family by Rich Mullins.
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I'm not too familiar with the gospel scene, but I likes me some Fred Hammond
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This little light of mine?
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Maybe check out The Welcome Wagon? The pages linked include a bunch of lead sheets, as well as MP3s. They're contemporary, yet traditional.
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I have heard Marty Haugen – All Are Welcome and David Haas – We Are Called
used for this sort of thing. They are both good tunes that would hold up well with just a guitar. (I would play "We Are Called" about 50% faster than they do in that video, though.) You wouldn't have too much trouble finding a lead sheet for either online, I think.
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I like Gather Us In by Marty Haugen and think it would be great for a family reunion.
(Sorry no link, posting from mobile).
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I second ThePinkSuperhero's list, although I cannot stand Awesome God myself. Also Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing is pretty great to play/sing on guitar.
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Best answer: Jesus Won't You Come By Here is a great 12 bar blues/spiritual, that isn't contemporary but definitely outside the standard "church" songs I personally grew up with.
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Best answer: Mindy Smith - Come to Jesus
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"A Common Love" is standard in the churches I've attended. And "Bind Us Together, Lord."
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Welllllllllll father Abraham, had many sons, many sons had father Abraham! And I am one of them! (Except that I'm a girl) and so are you! (Unless you are also a girl) so let's just praise the Lord! Right hand, left foot, shake your head, faaaaather Abraham!

your family reunion may vary
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Mindy Smith would be amazing, as would It's A Gift to Be Simple or This Little Light of Mine, please no Marty Haugen ;)
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oh, i just had a great idea, what about come home, junebug suggests its possible as a family hymn ?
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TPSH has it. (I know all those!)
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