Raleigh, NC: Who hosted this vintage video game meetup around 1999?
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Sometime around 1999, my dad took me to a vintage video game meetup in Raleigh. I was 12. There were a lot of Atari and MAME systems, maybe others. What was this event and who made it happen?

The event was in a medium-sized building with rooms (ie not a huge open space). It seems like various people had brought in their own systems. Not sure if any of the stuff was for sale, I guess it must have been. I remember seeing and playing games on Atari 2600, 5200, and 7800. There was an Atari Jaguar and someone explained to me the reasons why it flopped. At least one person had a MAME setup on a PC. I know it must have been around 1999 because some guy had put the "900 MHz" sticker from a cordless phone on his desktop computer, and that seemed like a hilarious joke. This is a sentimental memory from my childhood and I would love to find anything about it - particularly, who made it happen, and any kind of announcement or document.
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Response by poster: More info: I'm pretty sure it was the "Upcoming Atari Convention: April 1999 NSCU Raleigh NC" listed at the bottom of this Tripod page. Can't find any other info though. I emailed the guy at his old MindSpring address, we'll see if it still works...
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I was going to recommend maybe contacting some of the current gaming companies that are there (I used to live in Raleigh and had heard there are a ton of gaming industry related companies there), contact them and see if they know of anyone who was around at the time, if they know of anything, etc. etc. (??) Of course, many of the current ones were likely not around during that time, but maybe some of the people were...? It sounds like you may be on the way to doing that by making contact. Good luck, hope you find the info!
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Best answer: The first Google hit for "Kirk Adam" is a musician in NC, which matches the Tripod link provided. His Blogspot was last updated in 2012, but it's got a phone number. How daring are you?
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Response by poster: Yes, that is the guy! There were a couple other email addresses on his blog and one of them worked!
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Holy crap, when I saw this question I was like, "No way that dude figures it out."

Would it be ok with you/him if you posted your email and his response?
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