Help me find a calander of all major sporting events around the world?
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I only enjoy watching the "big game", the super bowl, march madness, world cup soccer, Ironman triathlon championship in Hawaii, the six marathon majors, "the worlds" in track and field", Olympic trials for most sports, NBA finals, MLS championship etc. etc. Is there a way I can find a concise calendar with all these dates highlighted so I can enjoy watching them live? Thanks
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help, that wikipedia page is actually organized pretty poorly, it's only slightly helpful.
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A bit more concise calendar here, but with fewer events.

But, who knows what you like? The Wikipedia one is really more comprehensive. Use it to build your own calendar.

Or, try this one, which lets you pick individual sports and see the major events for them.
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People might have more luck finding what you're looking for if you can clarify what you find "poorly organized" about the Wikipedia page.
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Response by poster: Good point. I can't really explain it, maybe it's not so poorly organized. If I can't explain how it can be imprved then it must be OK I guess.
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