Crucial 480G M500 SSD and Mavericks on an Early 2011 MacBook Pro
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I'm running 10.6.8 on an Early 2011 MacBook Pro, with a Crucial 480G M500 SSD. I would like to upgrade to Mavericks, but I am unclear as to whether any problems will ensue with regard to my Crucial SSD.

I have read mixed reports. Some people have had no problems whatsoever. Other people have reported either drive failure, or funny business with regard to write speeds, unless they update the BIOS and whatnot and hooblededoo.

Aside from obvious things like backing up my data beforehand, what should I do to ensure a smooth transition? What problems should I expect?
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You _shouldn't_ expect any issues. That said, the most common problems seem to come from out-of-date firmware on the SSD drive. Crucial's forum has instructions on how to upgrade your firmware if needed.

You are planning to do the obvious; backup your data before any major changes.
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I've been having regular lockups on my Mac that seem related to Chrome. Doing some digging I came across a few links referencing the problem you're talking about. This was the best one which gives plenty of detail and how to fix it. Sadly for me, I don't have a Crucial SSD, so I'm still digging.
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I have a Crucial M4-CT512 in my late-2011 17" MBP.

I've had this drive in the machine since 2012. I think when I was about to upgrade to Mountain Lion, I updated the firmware to version 000f. Mainly, this was to address the 5200 hour bug in firmware 0009.

I've not updated it since, and I'm on Mavericks.

Upgrading the firmware on these drives is not terribly easy if all you have available is a Mac with no optical drive. If you have an optical drive, it's pretty easy - just burn the "manual boot file" to a DVD or CD and boot from it.

To check the firmware version, you can look in Apple Menu->About this Mac...->More Information and in the sidebar of the System Information report, click SATA/SATA-Express and then on the M4 drive on the right hand side. Below, it will tell you the firmware version in the field marked "Revision".
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