House Reno Blogs With Wit?
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I like reading blogs about being doing up their houses but I really like doing this when people are funny and write well.

A good example of this is Manhattan Nest.. I read Young House Love, Chris Loves Julia and Little Green Notebook too, but they do not make me laugh like Manhattan Nest does. Are there other housey bloggers that are as witty and fun to read as he is? Not so fussed about the quality of the reno or the pics, although obviously someone who nails everything is just fine too.
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The first thing that came to mind was a wonderful blog I used to really enjoy reading but haven't checked in years and queue google... bingo, it's still there: building a log home in the west Highlands of Scotland by Steve Carter (bonus points for his Charlie the Beardie page.

It's not ongoing and it's not laugh-out-loud, more of a wry grin every so often but it's fascinating stuff and the photography is outstanding.
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Victoria Elizabeth Barnes is quite funny, and has a good sense of humor about renovation (she's renovating her Victorian).
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He mostly blogs about his decor clients and life (not really a renovator per se), but Orlando Soria at Hommemaker is just the best ever. He does do smaller DIY projects, as well. Don't miss his post on growing up in Yosemite.

And Erin at Design Crisis is also great. She works on her own house as well as lots of general design talk.

Both of these are also ideal for developing/evolving taste and your own sense of style and moving past the echo chamber of the online DIYers. I don't love everything they post, in terms of my own style, but they've helped me think about what does and doesn't work while also amusing me.
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We've been enjoying A Fire Pole in the Dining Room, the blog of a couple who bought an old fire house and have converted it into a live/work space. (We discovered them on an episode of House Hunters, and Googled to find out how the space was coming along.)
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