Where should I live in Manchester, NH?
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I may be moving to Manchester, NH next year, and a business trip to the city next week will leave me with one afternoon free to scout around residential properties. What neighborhoods should I concentrate on if I'm looking for a one- or two-bedroom apartment (or house)? Having a small yard would be great; accessibility by bicycle to the city center is another plus. $1,200/month would be a comfortable rent. Less would be great, a little more would be possible if the dollar difference yielded significant benefits in other areas.
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I used to work in Manchester, and if I had to live there (which I'd do happily) I'd live in the millyard, though I don't know if you're likely to find places that have a yard in there, as it's mostly converted row houses which are lovely. It's not a huge city though, so most places will be accessible by bike, though I don't remember it being super bike-y while I lived there.

Definitely check out a bar called Strange Brew if you're into beer. I used to work nearby and it's one of my favorite haunts.
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I used to live in Nashua (2001-2002); I'm familiar with Manchester from frequent visits but not as much -- I wouldn't be able to tell you names of neighborhoods.

Is bicycle commuting a must? I'm not sure you'd find a place to rent with a yard IN Manchester. You may have better luck with that in adjacent towns like Bedford, Litchfield*, or Londonderry. You might even be able to bike downtown if you're close enough to the city line.

*Litchfield is an affluent community; you're unlikely to find cheap rents there.
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We lived in Manchester at just over the line from Hooksett at Greenview Village for a couple of years. It wasn't a bad place to live other than the neighbors. There are also a number of other apartment complexes right along that road so it's worth checking out. Greenview includes some free-standing condos but I think those are above your price point. The thing I liked about living out there was you were only a few minutes from downtown but felt suburban. However, getting downtown by bike would be a challenge from there. Feel free to MeMail me; my wife probably has a bunch of other ideas if you want to be closer to downtown.
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This should help you tremendously. I second the author's caution to avoid the Lake/Valley area. But let's be clear -- NH is a safe place, so even the worst neighborhood isn't too bad.

River Rd might be a decent option for you, only a mile or two into downtown (Elm St/Commercial St).

And here's a link to the various neighborhoods, though you may only hear some of them rarely, if at all.
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