Help Make Me the Living Tribunal
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I need some recommendations for fake muscles and/or a girdle (middle?) a Living Tribunal costume I'm thinking of putting together for NY Comic Con.

So I'm thinking of going to NY Comic Con as Marvel's top cosmic dog. The gold bodysuit is easy to get, and a friend and I can do the faces/hoods. Unfortunately, I don't quite have the physique that ol' LT does. I'm not huge, but since I'll be wearing just a bodysuit, I want to try to look right.

Does anybody have advice on costume options for fake pecs/abs, and maybe something to hold the stomach in? Ideally not too expensive, though I'm willing to spend a little if necessary. Any ideas anyone has would be much appreciated.
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There are terrifying things like this you can buy to work with. I know people also carve foam (in this case, you'd probably want something thin) if you want to do it yourself. A quick search didn't bring up anything specific to this, but I imagine someone else has tackled this before. I do think the problem would be making sure the abs show through the bodysuit -- you may want to glue/mold the fabric down to whatever you end up going with (Or gluing specific pieces that model the abs to the inside of the bodysuit. I don't know if that's making sense.)

There is also all kinds of semi-cheap shapewear (even for men!) that may help you get the look you want. It's possible you could find a woman's size that fits you and pulls you in a bit more than the men's versions would.

None of this will be very comfortable, but good luck.
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Something like this might help
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