Email list - category subscription in Wordpress and Sendgrid
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Hi Everyone We need a system to let subscribers manage their own email preferences and category subscriptions. We have 23 categories to select from and would like the email recipients do that for themselves. A good example of such a page is at Sendgrid is great, but they can only do a general subscribe/unsubscribe, not a category. We use MailPoet at the moment. Any ideas anyone?
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MailChimp should do this rather handily - they call them "groups", I believe, not categories. There's an informational video here, but MC also has awesome support, so you can connect with them directly for how this might apply to your specific situation.

I'm assuming you want to integrate this with WordPress somehow, since that's in the title of your post? If all you need is a widget, there are several plugins that will handle that. If you'd like subscribers to be able to receive a WP blog's feed via email, I believe MailChimp has an RSS-to-email feature that will work.
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Seconding MailChimp!
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Thanks !
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